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All with extensive experience in UHP water jetting of exchangers.

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Our Cleaning Method

We specialise in UHP water jet cleaning of PCHEs, but do not limit our cleaning capabilities to these compact heat exchangers alone.  We have successfully adapted our cleaning methods to clean shell & tube type exchangers using HP water jetting and are continuously refining and expanding our UHP and HP water jetting cleaning techniques to clean all types of industrial heat exchangers.

Because of the unique configuration of PCHE heat exchanger cores, our bespoke tool UHP water jetting is ideally suited for expelling foulant out of their small flow channels.  PCHE water jetting has proved to successfully remove a wide range of foulants from PCHE cores, ranging from construction debris to corrosion products and broken down additives.

The advantages of water jetting over other cleaning techniques

  • It is environmentally friendly.  It does not introduce anything which is potentially harmful to the environment, heat exchanger, or plant.
  • It is a fast technique.  In the hands of our experienced operators UHP water jetting can be targeted to clean the specific areas where fouling is found.
  • It cleans heat exchangers of virtually all foulants, ranging from corrosion products to broken down process stream additives.  Quickly and efficiently.
  NOTE:  UHP water jetting must only be carried out by qualified and experienced personnel. Our teams meet these requirements.

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