Specialist Heat exchanger cleaning

Over a decade of successful heat exchanger cleaning.

Specialists in PCHE UHP water jetting. 

Flexible mobilisation

On site heat exchanger cleaning.   

Onshore, offshore, anywhere in the world.

Multiple cleaning teams

Fully qualified to work offshore. 

All with extensive experience in UHP water jetting of exchangers.

Tailored to meet your needs

We tailor each job to meet your unique requirements.

Health and Safety

We take health, safety and protecting the environment seriously.

Yours and ours.


Job Done.


Kershaws have over thirty years’ experience of specialised industrial cleaning using a wide variety of techniques.  We have handled many unusual projects, including the restorative cleaning of many of England’s historic buildings.

Because of our reputation of tackling unusual and difficult cleaning projects, we were invited to become involved in Heatric exchanger cleaning trials.  After trying a variety of cleaning techniques, UHP water jetting proved to be the most effective method for cleaning PCHEs.  Since the cleaning trials in 2004, we have continued to refine and improve our cleaning capabilities through the development of unique tooling and procedures.

For the past decade, we have worked in association with, and independently of, heat exchanger manufacturers, providing UHP water jetting cleaning around the world. 

While we have specialised in PCHE UHP water jetting, more recently we have expanded our services to include successful cleaning of other heat exchangers, including large shell & tubes.

We have cleaned exchangers in the following locations:

  • Australia – offshore
  • Azerbaijan onshore
  • Brazil – offshore 
  • Canada – onshore & offshore
  • China offshore
  • Holland – offshore
  • Indonesia – offshore
  • Malaysia – onshore & offshore
  • Malaysia/Thai JDA – offshore
  • Myanmar – offshore
  • Norway – offshore
  • Oman – onshore
  • Philippines – offshore
  • Qatar – offshore
  • UK – onshore & offshore

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